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As the Khilafah soldiers continue waging war
against the enemies of Allah, we enumerate
some developments during the course of the
past few weeks throughout different Wilayat
of the Islamic State.
Sahel Wilayah
Sahel is one of the Wilayat of the Islamic State
that has been emerging as a Launchpad in
North Africa for full fledge military operations

marking heavy casualties in the ranks of
the enemy forces, exclusively in the ranks of
the murtadd al-Qa’idah militia. And this
Wilayat of the Islamic State is spread across
vast regions in the Sub-Saharan countries that
had witnessed a drastic rise of the heretic alQa’idah

franchise throughout the last decade
until its advancement became seriously
threatened by the rise and consolidation of
the Khilafah in the recent years in these regions.

So, this jihad claiming murtadd militia (al-Qa’idah)

is now desperately striving to
make regional and international alliances,
without proper scrutiny of the level of kufr of
the regional and international parties from
whom it seeks assistance against the Islamic
State. And the soldiers of the Islamic State
deal heavy blow to them and other murtadd
factions and armies after every few days, scoring

heavy death toll in their ranks and making
their operational existence quite questionable
in these regions. And such deteriorating security

situation in the Sahel region left French
Crusader forces and other kufri forces in a
deadlock, as the more they are trying to
thwart the advancement of the mujahidin,
the stronger the mujahidin are becoming in
these regions, and the infidel forces are left
without any practical solution for filling the
security vacuum in their areas.


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