Statement denying any organizational link to those killed In an american airstricke in Uwaynat in southwest of Libya

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Statement denying any organizational link to those killed In
an american airstricke in Uwaynat in southwest of Libya
All praise is due to Allah, who said in His Book: “It is only those who believe not in
the proofs of Allah, who fabricate falsehood, and it is they who are liars.” [An-Nahl
And peace and prayers be upon the most honourable of the Prophets and the
In the context of its dastardly efforts to occupy the lands of the Muslims, and to
control and humiliation their people and seize their resources, and as they continue
to fabricate and deceive, the U.S. Command in Africa (AFRICOM) published a
statement on the 30th of November 2018, in which it said it was able to eliminate
11 members of Qaedat al-Jihad in the Islamic Maghreb, who were ripped apart and
burned in three vehicles they were in, where they were targeted in the area of
Uwaynat one day before its issuance. It claimed that the strike was accurate and had
been done in coordination with the agent government of Saraaj in Tripoli!
We in Qaedat al-Jihad in the Islamic Maghreb categorically deny any
organizational link to those innocent Muslims targeted in Uwaynat in southwest
Libya, asking Allah to cover them with His mercy and accept them among the
martyrs. We confirm what media reports said according to notables in the area, that
those who were targeted were a group of Tuareg youth with no link to the
organization, where they congregated at the house of one of their relatives who had
been kidnapped along with others by gangs, and they left – may Allah accept them
among the martyrs – in a convoy of four cars. They were unjustly bombed by one of
the American drones hovering at the time over Ubari city, and that rarely leave its

The systematic and repeated targeting of the Tuareg tribe is a satanic plot
woven by America and France, and instigated by the puppet government of Saraaj,
which provokes its masters to target the Tuareg through false information and
spurious, malicious reports!
This puppet government, which came on the back of the frigate of the Italian
occupier, is merely a vehicle to provide what they call the “legal cover” to give
justification to the armies of America, France, Italy and others in our beloved
The efforts of America and France to change the demographics and the
presence of the Tuareg population in the south of Libya are no secret to anyone. The
attacks on them have been repeated with obvious disregard for the blood of this
noble tribe, in order to displace them from the region and bring them to serve the
interests of the Crusader occupier, and in serving those interests.
The arrogance of America has exceeded the borders, as the drones hardly leave
the skies of the areas where the Tuareg are spread in southern Libya, ignoring all
respect for the honour of the Muslims and their religion, customs, and traditions.
Truly, these drones spy on the houses of Muslim, and the free and chaste in southern
Libya have grown tired of these aircraft!
In conclusion, we in Qaedat al-Jihad in the Islamic Maghreb, as we condole the
people of the dead – asking Allah to accept them among the martyrs – and support
their families, we urge them not to remain silent about this terrible crime. We also
call on all Tuaregs to stand together with the families of the martyrs. Concerning the
American disregard for the blood of the Tuaregs and their honour, it is not
reasonable to see the government of the puppet Saraaj but as a puppet in the hands
of the occupier invaders and aggressors, for it is complicit with them by providing
cover and perhaps even inciting to target you!

We also call upon all members of the Touareg tribe to stand up to the presence
of American drones and bases spread in the Islamic Maghreb, especially the base of
the “Agadez” in the north of Niger, where most of these aircraft fly out, by all
Shari’ah means available, as these drones are killing your brothers on mere
It is also necessary to stand in the face of every puppet who allows himself to
stand in the ranks of the Crusader occupier against his Ummah, his religion, and his
people. Expose these agents and remove from them the tribal and social cover and
punishe them for their heinous acts.
O Allah! Fight the infidels who stand in Your way and say Your prophets are
liars and do not believe in Your promise! O Allah! Make them argue and cast terror
in their hearts, and lay upon them Your anger and torture, O Lord of righteousness!
O Allah! Fight America and all those allied to it, kill them and leave none of
them, O Lord of the Worlds!
Peace and prayers be upon our Prophet Muhammad and upon his family and
Our last supplicate is all praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.
And Allah is predominant over his affair, but most of the people do not ٱ
know” [Yousef: 21]
Qaedatt all–Jiihad iin tthe Isllamiic Maghreb
All–Andallus Mediia Foundattiion

25 Rabi al awal 1440 h / 5 december 2018 m


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