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In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most merciful
Praise Allah the lord of the world, peace be upon the messenger our prophet Muhammad,
his kens and companions.
Beloved brother: Abu AbdAllah may Allah protect him.
Allah Peace, mercy and blessings be upon you.
Praise Allah, the lord of the world. We had reached Nairobi safely. The trip was excellent
but it was expensive. I delivered $2500 to Abu- Tariq to cover the airplane fuel and
parking fees in addition to the hotel, food and other services. However he has a detailed
list .
1) We attempted to fly to Mendira or to Louq but we were informed that we have to
obtain permission from the government. Such action requires a lot of time,
expenses and precise information concerning the reasons for going along with the
names. We tried to rent an airplane but that requires several days too.
2) In general Abu Teri met with some pilots who are working on louq line and found
out that the Louq airport’s length is 800 meter which suits helicopters but too
small for the plane we have .
3) We met with Ugadin brothers. The meeting was positive. We agreed on the quick
change of the current military policies because it is not appropriate for the
security side or the capabilities. They agreed immediately.
4) There are news about the arrival of the American forces to the area
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(A letter)
In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful
The first study:
It appears that there was no several ideas reached the Somalia, nevertheless, the Islamic
Movement history is very recent and the Islamic groups were as follows:
– A group called themselves Al-Ahl that was founded by ( Abdelqadir Shaikh
Edris) who later followed the thoughts of Al-Takfir. The group split into two
factions:the original Al-Ahl and Algamaa Al-Islamiah (Islamic group). The leader
of the split group is Mahmud Isa (Salafi and Muslim Brotherhood thoughts).
There is another group in the same southern Somalia region called the Reform.
There is another tribal group (Ashaariah).
Linguist: TS
– In the north there was The Islamic Youth Unity group ( Regional local group).
This is a Muslim Brotherhood- salafi organization.which later united with the
Islamic group and formed The Alliance group in the the year 1483.
– Shedri (TN: it may be Consultative) Council issues the decisions , an Executive
council composed from office of (education, regions, security, jihad, and finance).
Each region has a consultative council and an executive council, then branches
and offices. It is clear that this organization structure is following the Brotherhood
structure. In reality these offices were formal but the real actions were done on the
side in mosques then the street promises. The movement was underground.
– The group did not have any plan (as was admitted by the Amir and the youth),
nevertheless, the youth started their action in kees mayo city in southern somalia
by getting engaged in its battle and the tribes men escaped before Aideed. There
was 800 brothers in their camps and the escapees asked the youth to protect the
city from Aideed provided that they would give up the airport, the harbor and the
public utilities in the city for the youth. The youth agreed despite the fact that they
smelled the deception. A defense line was established at a distance of 60km from
the city, nevertheless the youth were defeated before ( continue page 3)
Aideed ( due to his high capability in planning and battles command that beat out all
other commanders along with the courage). The youth left the city and thought of
moving to another strategic area. They selected (yasahdu Area ?). The talk is long and
the risks are coming. This group was unable to make any correct decision. All their
decisions were in complete error. Nevertheless, their youth learned at last that their
elders thoughts is far from theirs.
We conclude the following:
– The Sheikhs of the group were not Jihadi . the youth were influenced by hearing
about the Afghani Jihad. The youth of the young men along with insufficiency of
their experience and rashness toward the matters without deliberation hindered
their effectiveness.
– The difference between the leadership and the base:
– The shortage of the cadres and the financial capacities
– The unplanned actions, and the technical errors.
– Non-preparation of the populace (The tribes are fighting each other).
These are some of the lessons derived from this quick report but there are many
lessons that may fill a book.

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Page 5 of 13: A letter from Abu Abd-Allah Althani Alfa Ibrahim To Abi Ab-Allah Saad
Arabic and Islamic Greetings:
Linguist: TS
Dear brother:
It was planned for me to travel to Africa and to my country soon. However it appears that
the matter will be delayed. Since I am not engaged now in any activity, I would like to
undertake any operation in the sake of Islam internally or externally. Thank Allah I am
capable of doing that due to the experience I gained in these actions.
I am still attempting to bring the bothers from Africa. I will send the trusted ones.
Note: in case one of the African brothers or others needs traveling documents from
Guinea, Liberia, Ivory Coast or even sierra Leon I am ready to do that for any brother
who wants to travel or bring them official endorsement from here to the visa and customs
in an easy way.
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In the name of Allah The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful
Praise Allah The Lord of The Universe.
( TN: The rest of the page is empty)
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Arabic and Islamic greetings:

The honorable brother Abu Abd-Allah, may Allah protect him
We arrived at Nairobi safely. The trip was good. We tried to go to mendira or to louq by
the same plane but we could not because this needs a permission from the Kenyan
government. Brother Tariq has the details.
Some events took place in the area. The American forces sent two armored cars to Louq
area and met with the Somali brothers to inform them about a meeting that will take
place between the commanders who are present in Somalia along with the UN officials
and the relief in Louq.
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– Louq
– Basic weight
– Sabuti for the Ugayin
– Shorten the time by more training, and by establishing more centers during three
– Supplyies road
– Having relations with Ugadin tribes
Linguist: TS
– Storing quantities of food and ammunition
– The airport
– Coordination with Al-Afar and Al-Aromo
– Strengthen the relations with Hagi Muhammad.
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( A letter from Saif Al- Islam
date: March 19, 1993., Gharshifut, Ugadin
To: Brother Othman)
In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most merciful
Brother Othman
( Greetings)
Thank Allah. We arrived at Al-Qaeda in 23 Ramadan. All brothers are o.k. and send you
their greetings hoping to see you soon.
I am sending a report concerning the events that took place :
– After twenty three days we covered 415km on foot till we reached the place the
brothers selected for us to be a center for Al-Qaeda. It is located in a place full of trees
inside a forest . We found an open space where about 600 person have been living there
in a camp called (Ghar Shaighut) The forest mountain.
– The food is modest and consists of wheat cooked in water like the rice in addition to
corn flour soup. There is no rice and the milk is rare due to the dryness these days. A
sheep is killed for us from time to time.
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( Continue- A letter)
– Of course the camp resources .are equal to nothing
– The weapons they have are limited. The majority of it do not exist except the light
of it.
– The ammunitions also are limited and used only for defense. It is not sufficient for
the training programs. Therefore a new quantity has to be purchased. It is
available in the surrounding villages at a reasonable price- 555 shilling for the
klashinkov up to 20,000 for RPG.
– There was no furniture except some sheets. No plastic to protect from the rain.and
no ammunition dump.
– The camels and three mules were the only transportation means. It takes 8 hours
to reach the closest village (called graisly) to purchase the basic food items, and
two days to the closest city (garbo) walking. There is a plan to extend the road
from graisly to the camp in RER AMADEN area.
Linguist: TS
– Of course all the brothers arrived from the direction of Louq. Most of them
walked 500km or more in Ramadan. They became real weak and therefore we
postponed the training period to Shawal in order to be able to fast, complete the
preparation of the program and to change the place to a better one.
– When I arrived I met with the brother in charge of the region (Abd- Al- Salam
Othman Abd –Al-Salam) and brother Mustafa Arab, the military chief and the
following discussion took place

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– I inquired about their knowledge of our presence, and our role. They said that
they contacted you to send a training group to train the brothers here. They did not
mention any other commitment on your side. They inquired of the possibility that
they have control over all matters- political, administrative and military. I told
them that the political, administrative and daawi matters are their responsibility
because they the natives who are more knowledgeable in this sphere, but for the
military matters, it has two sides, the training and the fighting. We can handle all
the training activities. As for the fighting, we do not organize any operations
except by groups we trained. Therefore the matter needs patience without rushing.
Thank Allah, the enemy is weak now, and escaping any confrontation. This is a
good opportunity to collect the weapons, intensify training and preparation. We
can organize the forces in battalions and squadrons and keep them stationed along
the supply routes and around the base. They agreed with me.
– I proposed to them to change the camp place, and started making tours in the
surrounding area. We selected a place surrounded by the mountain and the trees,
and the land is suitable for setting up the tents beside digging tunnels in the
– Since digging tunnels requires a lot of time, we decided to buy 50 tents big
enough to house the personnel of the first squadron, the administration and the
warehouse in such a manner that the first training seminar can be conducted. At
the same time another group start digging the tunnels.
– The members of the first seminar will be 160 in addition to similar number will be
present in the same place for digging operations, guarding and service. The rest of
the 600 will be assigned at the roads, villages and cities in the vicinity to act as
advanced detachments for mobile defense system to prevent the enemy from
taking us by surprise.
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– In conclusion the camp start from nothing, and in need of every thing- food, car,
ammunitions and weapons.
An important note:
– I did not promise them by any thing as we agreed on. Every thing needed I asked
them to provide it. On their side they did not demand any thing. It appears that
Linguist: TS
they have some money to the point they think of stocking some food and
ammunitions sufficien t for six months. However, there is some thing very
important deserve full attention. The brothers attempt to gain the friendship of the
surrounding tribes. This is a good step and real important , but this requires
special budget to offer them some services to avoid the repetition of the problem
of the Somali brothers. Also it should be done quickly.
– In conclution, The camp needs the following:
– Page 13:
– Are you going to provide for the training camp only? Every individual will cost
$1.5 daily- $45 monthly. Therefore the camp force (30) will cost $13,500 per
month. Total food budget for three months = 13,500 x 3= $40,500.
– The cost of ammunitions: klashinkof shots = $12,500 (2000 shots x $0.5 )
– The cost of RPG (120 X $4) = $ 480
– The explosions = $500
– Rounds for other weapons = $5,000
– Other supplies and equipment = $5,000
– The minimum total cost = $ 64,000
In addition to the above we need badly a truck and two pick-up at least or two trucks and
one pick-up double.
– if you are going to provide for the whole group (600 persons), the total cost every
three months will equal (600x $130,000) at the minimum. This does not cover the
administration, media, and the tribes expenses.
– Note: attached is a list of the brothers needs. Please bring them whatever you can.
– May Allah reward you. Peace upon you.
– Saif Al-Islam (unclear)
– Friday 19 March 1993.
– Gharshifut, Ugadin
– The end


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