Voice of Khurasan 2023 Pakistan a tumor cell in the body of the islamic ummah

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All praiseis due to Allah ,and peace and blessing be upon Prophet ,and as for what follows
‘Umar bin Khattab, may Allah be pleased
with him, said: “Verily, we were a disgraceful
people and Allah honored us with Islam. If we
seek honor from anything besides that with
which Allah honored us, Allah will disgrace
Certainly, this Umari statement is a bone line.
When Muslims choose the systems of the
infidels as a model for their success, then Allah
Ta’ala afflicts them with the punishment of
humiliation. A clear example is the apostate
leaders of the country of Pakistan- the Pakistan
that came into existence with the slogan La
ilaha ill Allah, but it is still a part of the British
colony, and today it is facing its worst downfall
in its 75-year-old life.
e stormy left of the political and economic
crisis has diverted the ship of the government
towards the direction of ultimate destruction;
this tyrannical government has become a victim

of the rivalry between Russia and America,
some of its political parties preferred Russia’s
slavery and political and economic colonialism, while others preferred America’s slavery.
In this battle, the United States succeeded and
deposed the Russian backed government and
brought together all the political parties to
form an all-inclusive government loyal to the
At the same time, Pakistan’s army intelligence,
which is the “behind the curtain” kingpin running

Pakistani government, entered a new phase.
Pakistan’s former Chief of Army Staff, Qamar
Javed Bajwa, retired after serving a six-year mission,

and he took General Asim Munir to America; the Americans liked him and sent him to
Pakistan with a new plan.
There were many challenges before this new slave
government and army, the biggest of which was
the economic problem, because Pakistan is in
debt to the World Bank till now. Furthermore,
the Prime Minister got tired of begging, as he
said, “Everywhere I look, there is a debt; every
friendly country I call, its government officials do
not answer my call because of the fear that I will
ask for a loan again.” To solve these problems,
Taghut Shahbaz Sharif went to Saudi Arabia but
returned empty-handed, then he went to the
UAE, Qatar, and other Arab countries, but he did
not get anything, then he went to Turkey, China,
London and the United States. He also met with
the presidents of Russia and Iran. In short, this
dishonorable person went to every street of the
world, when the masters of disbelief dispelled him
from their doors, and such is the unpleasant reality
of a tyrannical slave.
In spite of so much exhaustion, he could not find
any support for his fallen livelihood. Finally, he
started traveling to the Arab world so that he
would not ask for loans, but wanted to receive a
little more time for paying the previous loans.
Hence, he had some achievements, as the United
Arab Emirates extended the period to repay the 2-
billion-dollar loan.
But the leaders of the Pakistani government, on
the verge of collapse, still did not give up their
disbelief, and did not submit to the Lord of the all
the helpless servants instead of the servants, and
instead of the holy Islamic system, they threw
themselves into the arms of the infidels, instead of
the Almighty Creator, subjugating themselves to
the law of the weak and feeble creature.
To please them, they even advanced in their disbelief,

as they passed LGBT friendly laws, and on
that vile basis, they allowed the public exhibition
of homosexuality, when groups of boys would
stand at the doors of the Mullahs to register their
marriage, and taking the advantage of this devilish
law, girls would leave their homes. In order to free
themselves from the restrictions imposed by their
parents, the unmarried girls turned to the government,

when it also gave them permanent shelter
for allowing them to lose their honor and virginity,
and their humble parents cried day and night. This
is one of the reasons behind the economic downturn of Pakistan,

because it is the law of Allah Almighty that obscenity increases poverty, when the
economy is multiplied by nothing but zero, so the
apostate government of Pakistan has fallen further
and is biting itself like a mad dog, and it is willing
to do anything for the sake of dollars. So, in the
same series, the intelligence of Pakistan (ISI), like
that in the past, once again is passing through
difficult days due to declining economy, when it
has gathered a few Bal’amah (the chiefs of those
who spread mischief upon the earth) from Khyber
Pakhtunkhwa state, and they published a resolution,

calling the system of Pakistan as the Islamic
system and the war against it illegal, and a few days
later, Mullah Mufti Taqi Usmani, the chief of the
palace scholar of Pakistan, also put his evil tongue
into motion in support of the Taghuti government
and army of Pakistan, calling jihad a rebellion
against Pakistan’s Taghuti system.
Taqi Osmani is the teacher, spiritual leader, and
religious leader of all the Taliban who deem him
Shaykh al-Islam and the Imam of the time, while
based on his fatwa, they were fighting in Afghanistan,

and detonating explosives in the mosques
and other places of worship. However, after the
handover of Kabul’s authority to them by the US,
Taqi Osmani traveled to Afghanistan and was very
happy with the surrender of his students to Crusaders,

when the leaders of the Taliban bowed their
heads out of respect for him and put their hands
on their chest out of immense love for him.
Therefore, on this basis, we considered it necessary
to look at some aspects of the Pakistani blasphemous

system based on the demands of the time, so
that we can understand the truth of these
Bal’amah, Allah willing.
After suffering devastating aftermath due to the
world wars, the British Tawagheet became weak,
so they decided to leave India, while in the heart of
Asia, they didn’t forget to leave their loyal bootlickers named Pakistan.

The government of Pakistan has been maintaining the legacy of British
slavery ever since; their law is derived from the laws
of the prominent British Taghut named Lord
Michael, where the only change made was the
inclusion of Islamic prefixes and suffixes, as they
named the state “Islamic Republic of Pakistan”,
accepting secularism as the state the religion, and
handing over the authority of the country to the
army and intelligence agency, instead of political
parties. However, many times the murtadd army
felt the need of intervention and appeared on the
scene, such as from 1958 to 1971, from 1977 to
1988, and from 1999 to 2008, the army directly
intervened and took the system directly in its
hand. And at other times, the Pakistani army held
elections for eye washing the general masses and
then selected qualified secular politicians according

to their own preferences and that given by the
US and the West, but those secular politicians
could never enjoy autonomy to the fullest extent.
Today, you must have heard Pakistani journalists
saying on television that the current Prime Minister

Shahbaz Sharif saying that during the 2018
elections, two army generals and the intelligence
chief, that is General Qamar Bajwa, General
Naveed Mukhtar, and General Faiz Hameed,
summoned Shahbaz Sharif, the then deputy of the
political party, and held a meeting with him about
signing the power agreement, But some conditions were not fulfilled by him, because the leader
of their party was his brother. So they (army personnel) called a secular and atheist person, Imran
Khan, instead, with whom they agreed, and they
declared him the winner of the elections and made
him the Prime Minister of Pakistan, revealing the
reality of democracy in a third world Muslim majority country.

However, three and a half years
later, when the Prime Minister of Pakistan attempted

to strengthen their relations with Russia,
the military colonels removed him from power at
the behest of their western masters and replaced him with Shahbaz Sharif.

So outwardly, only the
faces of the politicians in Pakistan are changing,
while the elections are nothing more than TV
serial, and all other control is in the hands of the
army and intelligence, and the most humiliating
methods of the world are manipulated by the army
to control Pakistani politicians; for example,

pornographic videos of politicians and their family
members, alcohol and other obscene gatherings,
illicit relationships with women, evidence of immorality in

nightclubs in foreign countries, documents of theft, corruption, extortion, blackmail,
and other records of their heinous crimes are systematically stored by the intelligence agency in its
database, and in case of any possibility of their
disobedience, the intelligence agency publish
them one by one with a view to bringing back the
bird that have flown from the nest.
Likewise, the intelligence agency changes its color
like lizard according to the time and place; sometimes

it appears in the Islamic cloak for defaming
the name of the Islamic groups, and sometimes it
puts on the cloak of Sufism for its own purposes.
Besides, it also incubates armed factions and militias

with the empty chants of jihad.
When the Soviet Union attacked Afghanistan and
wanted to reach the warm waters (Indian Ocean),
Pakistan felt itself in danger, and their western
masters had already realized these concerns; so the
master and the slave devised and implemented a
master plan. The US asked Pakistan for some
cunning military colonels with proper religious
knowledge and gave them complete training in
fascism, orientalism, occupation with religious
pretexts, and colonialism along with intelligence
training in Pakistan and America, and then
brought them to the practical field with proper
In the book “Afghanistan- The Bear Trap”, the
Pakistani army Colonel Muhammad Yusuf and
one of his American masters, Mark Adin, revealed
the secrets of the leaders of the seven organizations
(of the mujahidin) that fought against the Soviet
Colonel Muhammad Yusuf has mentioned all his
actions, how they utilized and manipulated the
feelings and sacrifices of the general Afghan people
in an unhealthy way. In the introduction to the
book, he introduces himself: “My job in ISI was to
promote and lead the war in Afghanistan, this
office entrusted me with the task of carrying out
the war in Afghanistan. I was not only tasked with
training and arming the mujahidin (!), but I was
also required to lead their operational plans inside
In order to suppress the Soviet occupation, the US
directly monitored the battlefield; William Kassie,
the head of the CIA, and General Akhtar, the head
of the ISI, gave assignments to Colonel Yusuf and
evaluated his activities. Until then, William Kassie
and General Akhtar used to visit the military centers of the mujahidin (!) in Peshawar.
Colonel Yusuf revealed that ISI Chief General
Abdur Rahman Akhtar as the main planner and
inventor of Afghan resistance against the Soviet
invasion and lauded him. General Akhtar was in
charge of the ISI for eight years under the leadership of General Zia al-Haq. Although he was killed
in an air accident on the 17th of August, 1988
along with General Zia al-Haq, their juniors who
remained behind continued their work and kept
the fighting groups in their arms.
After General Abdur Rahman Akhtar, Pakistan’s
ISI Chief General Hameed Gul became a prominent figure in the training of leaders of fighting
groups. He was sent by military personnel, and
trained by the US and Pakistan for achieving their
goals through him.
Under the leadership of General Hamid Gul, and
Sultan Amir (Colonel Imam) was the former senior officer of ISI who had also played a significant
role in these intelligence projects, and many Pakistani soldiers and colonels have led the mujahidin
in these mountains and hills under the slogan of
“Jihad of Afghanistan for the Defense of Pakistan”.
Colonel Imam portrayed by the Pakistani intelligence in the media as a hero in the Soviet war, and
that is why his name is remembered with the Soviet war. In 2009, Colonel Imam spoke to a Pakistani journalist on Geo
TV’s “Javada” show
about his relations with
fighting groups: “For
the first time when I
went to the United
States for military training in 1974, I came into
contact with fighting
groups…” He acknowledged the creation of
seven organizations in
Peshawar by Pakistani
leaders: “…Bhutto Nasirullah told Babar to
organize them (mujahidin)… Babar Sahib
was a prudent and
knowledgeable person.

He founded a political party to organize them.
Rabbani Sahib, who was a professor, and Maulawi
Khalis also joined the group… Putting Afghans
together is like counting frogs in a dead pond… It
took six months to put them together. There were
35 new youths (referring to Gulbuddin, Mas’ud,
and Rabbani) who fled to Pakistan after the failed
coup and defeat. As a result, the [mujahidin’s]
group was formed with two leaders, and I was a
student of Gym Commando Military School of
Peshawar at that time.”
In response to the journalist’s question, “In addition to 95 thousand people, did you also train
Mullah Umar, Gulbuddin, Ahmad Shah
Mas’ud…?” he answered: “Yes. But I was not alone,
there were about 200 officers who were training us
and were divided into 12 or 13 groups.”
Not only that Colonel Imam and Pakistani military officers trained the former mujahidin, but
when the riots and wars among the mujahidin
went too far, the ISI thought of bringing another
party with the name of Tehrek of the Taliban, and
regarding this too, there are many confessions and
statements that have resurfaced from Colonel
Imam’s mouth. He said: “Mullah Umar came to
the camp, he was given military training there…
He was in Rabbani’s party… He took part in the
war after his training and got injured, we treated
him in Karachi… He and I had a meeting in
He proudly named the leaders of the Taliban as his
students, saying: “Mullah Yar Muhammad, Mullah Abdur Razaq, Mullah Rabbani, and other
Taliban commanders were my students… I suggested them to give military training to the students of the madrassas, because they are very good
in learning… I suggested Mullah Umar not to get
involved in a frontal war with America, but to fight
a guerilla war… they (the West) had armed an
infidel like Dostum to fight against the mujahidin
and entered the war.”
In his book [having 161 pages], American journalist Steve Cole

has quoted the presence of Colonel
Imam in the Taliban’s attack on the city of Mazar
with these words:
“In the week that Bin Laden’s followers attacked
two US embassies in East Africa, the Taliban,
along with the Taliban of Pakistani madrassas,
were increased in numbers and were supported by
Pakistan’s intelligence agency. They captured the
city of Mazar-e-Sharif, when Colonel Imam, an
ISI officer, said in a telephone call recorded by the
Americans: “I and my sons are entering the city of


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