Exclusive interview with Sheikh Qaasim Ar Remi- Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula March 2017

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In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Al-Malahem: All praise is due to Allah and may peace and blessings be upon the messenger of Allah, his family and his companions. We start by welcoming Sheikh Qaasim Ar-Remi. This interview will exclusively cover the recent events and situation in Yemen.

Thank You (Hayyakumu Allah)

Al-Malahem: We will start with the idiocy of America and its crimes in Yemen. On top of their crimes is the incident that took place in the village of Yaklaa. A crime which led to the killing of a number of women and children. In your opinion, what is the significance of such American crimes?

All praise is due to Allah, may peace and blessings be upon the messenger of Allah, his family and his companions.

In regard to these American crimes, a variety of notion are foreseen

From their crimes, we confirm that they are enemies of Muslims. As stated by Allah-be He Exalted and Glorified. He says (If they gain dominance over you, they would be to you as enemies and extend against you their hands and their tongues with evil, and they wish you would disbelieve)

Allah the Merciful informed us about them. He says (They do not observe toward a believer any pact of kinship or covenant of protection. And it is they who are the transgressors). This crime and among many other crimes of America conducted in Afghanistan, Iraq, be it Syria or Somalia and their unlimited constant support in finance, weapons, veto and general policies of the Israel Nation, a nation that invaded Palestine for decades is a confirmation of a fact about them. A truth that we are confronting a spiteful, criminal and crusade enemy. An enemy that kills women, children and aggresses the Muslim nation.

As for the second notion; It indicates the failure of American Polices and schemes in their war against the Muslim nation and Jihad vanguard.

A decade and a half of the outbreak of the contemporary crusade war and they have not achieved a thing. Their ploy has now drifted into killing women and children. And all of their establishment, and decisiveness goes to destruction. True are the Words of Allah: (Indeed, those who disbelieve spend their wealth to avert (people) from the way of Allah. So they will spend it; then it will be for them a (source of) regret; then they will be overcome. And those who have disbelieved- unto Hell they will be gathered.)

And what America is doing in the era of Trump, is a clear sign of their accumulated failure in the American administration. Consecutive administration which has failed and continue to fail in confronting Mujahideen.

Another thing that is discovered during their idiocy and crimes is; the extent of weakness of the enemy. A small number of loyal mujahideen from the tribes of (Rada’) and a group of Muhajireen


managed to kill and injure a large number of the American soldiers. Brought down two helicopters and sent away the Americans in shame and disgrace. Praise be to Allah.

And what this operation displayed, is how far and to what extent the blind rushes to please the Americans. The likes of Houthi, and who calls themselves ‘shariyya’ or tahaaluf. Allah says (So you see those in whose hearts is disease hastening into (association with) them, saying, “We are afraid a misfortune may strike us”) Americans were bombarding the mujahideen stationed at the fronts of Gayfa and the hawatha were advancing at the same time. Some of the Houthi retreated from their companions after this incident. As for the shariyya, they wailed that they had no knowledge of the event. Had they known, they would have offered more information to the Americans than what the Houthi and Ali Abdallah Saleh offered.

Al-Malahem: But the Americans says that the mission was successful and quite important. They claim to have received worthy information that will help them in their war against terror.

These are just mere attempts to cover their failure. Especially that a majority of them were killed and the defeat was large. So they attempted hard to cover their scandal. The truth that is gained from this, is that the American soldiers raided Gayfa based on false information.

Al-Malahem: The confronting attempts of the American raid in Gayfa and the area of Muraaqasha, clarified the weakness of the American military and its efforts in turning Yemen into a swamp for American soldiers. Can you please, further elaborate on this issue.

Through limited experiences and communication with our brothers in the fronts of Afghanistan and Somalia, we conclude that that a raid if known beforehand is considered to have failed. A raid is all about a sudden attack and does not rely on confrontation. So if a raid is known, all immediately retreat. This is what happened with the tribe of Muraaqasha. A mere two shots were enough to alert them to retreat leaving behind some of their luggage before the Americans reached their target. So is the case in the area of Gayfa, as soon as the Americans were busted, exchange of fire begun. When they advanced, a massacre awaited them. Tens of them were killed and injured. They left behind some of their luggage, including maps, compasses, searchlight infrared rays and boots. They also lost their police dog which we later discovered. They left behind two planes which they destroyed with their own hands after the Almighty Allah abled the tribes of Gayfa in damaging them.

We advise our brothers with the following when dealing with night raids:

  • Seeking help from Allah and supplicating Him. Having faith to what Allah promised.
  • To keep guard. Not less than two people in a shift.
  • Being previously prepared in organizing a scenario for such raids and how to encounter them.
  • No one should leave his stationed place during combat, as planes above him could detect him. One should fight in his stationed place.
  • Planting bombs and mines in a circular motion and away from the place of keeping guard, the station and away from shelter.
  • Leaving the enemy to advance until he reaches the place of ambush and sphere of combat.


There are some issues that we cannot express here but these advices as a whole are enough, by the will of Allah.

Al-Malahem: We here point out the fatwa of the scholars. Roughly 150 scholars from the scholars of Yemen gave out their legal opinions. A fatwa of the necessity of jihad, fighting the Americans if they were to come down to Yemen. The fatwa was established some years ago.

Yes, truly the scholars gave fatwa in the obligation of fighting Americans when they attack Yemen. There is no Muslim who sees America violating sanctity, killing children and women and yet hesitates in fighting them. If an American comes at your doorstep, that is by all means a test to your faith and loyalty. Therefore, this is a golden chance to avenge your fellow Muslims by this American soldier who practices crime against the Muslim nation in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Syria and among other Islamic countries. Oh, and what triumph for one who Allah eased his way avenging his fellow Muslims.

We say: The mujahideen do not let the crimes of America pass by without consequences and what of Allah, the Exalted!

Al-Malahem: You mentioned in your answer to our first question, that the Houthi serves America and cooperate with each other against the mujahideen. Saba’ Agency released a statement from an executive in the Houthi and Ali Saleh Government that they requested coordination with the Americans in their operations. To what extent have you noticed the coordination of the America-Houthi in the fields?

The issue is much vivid and clear. The Houthi conduct continuous meetings with the American agency in (Muscat) and elsewhere. In fact, Ali Abdallah Saleh is the one who brought the Americans and allowed their crimes over the years in Yemen. So the issue is not at all strange.

Al-Malahem: But regarding the latest operations, Pentagon said that it coordinated with president Haadi.

After the embarrassment the Americans encountered in the operation of Gayfa and abominable crime, they resolved in practicing their crimes under the name of (Abdu Raab Haadi) and killing the Yemeni Nation under his name too. Whereby he is just but a living being without power to do anything. And he as always, presents to the Americans what they want. As for us, as far as one is identified to participate with the Americans in whatsoever crime against the Muslims in Yemen, he will not slip away from punishment- by the help of Allah. Any Official, Officer, Spy will not escape the eyes of the mujahideen-by the will of Allah. Even if it takes time and I repeat even if it takes time, we never forget to avenge and never subdue to injustice.

Al-Malahem: There are recent talks pinpointing the contribution of the Emirates in American raid.

Yes, indeed. This is affirmed to us. They cooperate and contribute with the Americans constantly. They too are held responsible for these crimes.

Al-Malahem: This leads us to talk about the Emirates role in intelligence, military and politics in Yemen. People experience strange movements by the Emirates in Yemen. It is as if they have other goals than their proclaimed scheme against the Houthi in Yemen.


Yes, this is indeed clear. Emirate wants to entirely implement the American project in Yemen. The project is based on some issues. On top of them is; having control over the ports of Yemen. The port of (Mukalla), (Aden), (Hodeida) and among others. And so is the island of (Socotra) and (Mayyoon). And the ever effort of transforming the south of Yemen to become an American protectorate.

We will imply some of the Emirati roles as follows:

First: Striving to be the ultimate soldier in the region to his master America. We noticed that the first visit of the Minister of American Defense was to Emirates. Whatever the western crusade wants is conducted by the Arabs who claim Islam.

Second: It looks upon Yemen as easy booty which needs to be possessed of what is left by their American masters. This is why the Emirates are quite concerned with the Islands and areas containing crude oil.

Third; Extreme fear over the damage of Dubai Ports through the take-off of the ports of Yemen. This is why we notice extreme sensitivity in the matters of the ports. They want full control over them.

Fourth: Getting rid of any power in the area, so that authority belongs to them. They strive hard to fight the tribes and break their dignity. What arrangements with hidden and hideous conspiracy are being made in the southern parts! All of this to fulfill their goals.

Fifth: Getting rid of all who have a link to Islam and their followers from the majority of the lot. There is no greater evidence to this than Dubai itself. Surely, occurrences are enough a proof. In the southern parts, Emirate managed to steer leadership in the hands of Socialism. Leaders who have criminal records, whom got rid of a tribe without mercy. In addition to fighting Allah and His prophet.

This is what the emirates want from us Yemen. Yemen of Iman and Wisdom. They do not own except hotels of indecency and the loss of Islamic identity. This is the culture that they want to send out. But woe unto them! The role of Emirate has become clear. It is an American project in Yemen.

Al-Malahem: During some time, America enlisted some scholars, leaders of tribes and important personality in Yemen. They were accused of supporting Al-Qaeda Organization. What are your opinions regarding this?

A majority of those listed have nothing to do with Al-Qaeda. And the Americans have knowledge of that. But they want to suppress people through these lists that are made public every now and then. They use the lists to weaken the power of Ahlu-Sunnah in Yemen. Americans are well acquainted that people are joining the caravan of jihad. The participation of the mujahideen from Ansaaru-Shariah in the fronts against the Houthi in the last two years, has yield an appealing invite in joining the mujahideen. They tend to subdue and weaken this honest invite and scare away people from joining the mujahideen. But all methods are in vain, by the will of Allah. The Mujahideen are from Ansaru-Shariah, inseparable part of the Muslim nation. None can separate them.


Al-Malahem: There are those who accuse and claim that the Ansaaru-Shariah in Yemen, in both ways tend to achieve the goals of either side. They fight the Houthi in order to give raise to the gulf nations or to what is known as ‘Hukuuma Shariyya’, or they fight ‘Hukuuma Shariyya’ to achieve the goals of the Houthi. What is your response after such accusations?

We say; our movements are motivated by the rules of sharia. The Houthi and their ally (Ali Saleh), are aggressors that need to be eliminated and killed. No one denies. It is upon each Muslim to defend his religion, dignity, land and sanctity. And by the mercy of Allah, we participated and still participate in fighting the Houthi and their ally (Ali Saleh). Repulsion of aggression against the oppressors is applicable to any group that aggressors over Muslims.

We fight together with our people from the tribes and sons of Yemen before the coming of the Arab alliance and ‘Aasifatul hazm’.

And if you mean the fight with ‘shariyya’ in Aden, Abyan and Hadhramout

The answer is as follows: As I mentioned before any transgression to us or to our nation is of our concern. In some parts, we fought the Houthi. In other parts, there was no sign of Houthi but ‘Shariyya’ assaulted us and we fought back. They raided heavy in the parts of Hadhramout and Abyan. They practiced their crimes in Yemen. We could not just stand by in front of their aggression and crimes.

For example, in (Al-Mahfad), the Emirati planes conducted a shocking and shameful crime. They killed around eight Muslims. Most of them were children and women. In (Lahj), tens of women and children were killed. A thousands prisoners jailed without any evidence. Same is the condition of (Hadhramout), hundreds of prisoners. And when these crimes occur, we repel such humility and aggression. And when military attacks are raided on us, we stop and confront them. We do not let the enemies of Allah assault our religion nor our sanctities- by the will of Allah.

Al-Malahem: What is your advice towards the soldiers whom have been deceived in the name of war against Al-Qaeda and under the pretext of fighting terrorism?

We advise them in seeking tawbah. The Mujahideen have no reason in fighting you, so stay away from such path. Giving victory to America and this nation which is an ally to America is a serious matter regarding one’s religion and is loss for one’s worldly existence. They are just using you as puppets to obtain their objectives and plans. Do not become that cheap tool.

And whomever insists on being with the Americans and their agents, the mujahideen will not hesitate to strike and target such. No security is guaranteed by the will of Allah.

Al-Malahem: There are those who say that the mujahideen of Ansaru-Shariah should concentrate their efforts in fighting the Houthi instead of indulging in other battles. What is your response?

Yes we are going to great lengths and all our efforts are towards that; except that we do not what to openly expose ourselves to whomever wants to fight us. In spite of this, we say to you that we will not and will never leave a chance in uniting the efforts of Ahlu-Sunnah against the


Houthi. We today face a battle of existing threat to the people of Sunnah in Yemen. It is our duty to unify our efforts in fighting the Houthi by all means.

Al-Malahem: This reminds us of the previous attempt that the scholars led in gaining truce with the government of Abdi Rabb Mansour. But the attempts were in vain.

A delegation of scholars came to us in the year of 2013 and told us that we are a force among the forces of Ahlu-Sunnah. They insisted that we devote our entire efforts to the danger of Houthi and to not engage in battle with the Yemeni system. We welcomed the idea and agreed to the truce and put forward unto them two conditions. Conditions that later split into twelve separate points. These two conditions, every Muslim agrees upon them.

First: Halting of any external intrusion on Yemen, guaranteeing the independence of the country from American intervention and American planes in the atmosphere of Yemen.

Second; To form a panel of scholars to study the constitution and the policies that govern the country, so as to guarantee the appliance of Islamic sharia in the country.

The scholars agreed and Sheikh Abu Baser Al-Wuheishi signed the truce if the terms were met. If Abdi Rabb Mansour government was to agree to such truce, there will be cease of fire for around two months. Two months in which to form a panel of scholars whom will supervise the truce. But Abdi Rabb Mansour turned down the scholars and refused to meet with them after asking and pleading to them to form a truce with the Mujahideen. And the reason for such, is the knowledge of the Americans about the truce. After that, America launched an attack and heavily bombarded to announce to all that Abdi Rabb is none but an agent to them.

Al-Malahem: Some may object and say that you want to implement Islam within your understanding and impose on that.

We stated to form a panel of known scholars. Known for their knowledge and truth. And they are many in the land of Yemen. And whatever the scholars tend to and agree, we are with them. There is no way that a scholar will say that alcohol is halal, nor permit the American intrusion in Yemen. Or permit the governing of Taaghut Governments. We do not demand nor claim within our imaginations but we demand the appliance of Islam the way Allah commanded us to and by the general understanding of our ancestors and the Muslim scholars.

Al-Malahem: This brings us to the relationship between scholars and the mujahideen in Yemen. How do you look upon this matter?

In general, we say: Jihad has to be set right by the scholars always. Or else it is feared to stumble, deviate and traverse. For a guiding book, a sharp sword is certain. The scholars are the inheritors of the prophets. Without knowledge and the agreement of true scholars we will attain nothing. Imam Malik says,” The last of us will not be righteous unless our ancestors are pious”.

We ask the people of knowledge to give victory to the mujahideen and stand by them. To guide them and advise them. The goals of the mujahideen are the goals of the Islamic nation. We are


to protect the goals from any deviation and aberration and guide the goals to the righteous path.

When the scholars shun away from aiding the mujahideen and guiding them, the path will somehow go astray and flaw and defect will be visible. Be it negligence or intemperance. As well as scholars who throw themselves in the midst of the rulers and turn into spokesmen speaking under the name of the leaders, justifying their crimes and tyranny. This leads to the loss of one’s religion and as well builds up exaggeration in some fighting groups. Leading its way into accusing the scholars of infidelity and permitting their blood.

What is intended, is for the scholars to take their true stance and the whole ummah will stand by them and the mujahideen will be the first in defending and aiding them. And Allah knows best.

And the unique example in which we tend to pursue in, is the example of Taliban in Afghanistan. Among the factors of their steadiness and righteous path is the existence of scholars in the mujahideen ranks. This is what keeps their jihad steady and keeps it away from any deviation and aberration. This is what contributed and aided in gaining the Afghani nation and the Muslim nation in jihad.

Al-Malahem: Well, the Islamic groups that exists, how do you cope with them? Among other established tribes and society existing among the Muslim nation in Yemen?

My noble brother, these people are the Muslim nation. We treat and deal with them according to Islam and attributes of sharia. And any Muslim whatsoever is our brother. We today face a crusade war that does not determine anyone on its way. Defensive jihad does not stipulate any condition. We are ready to aid and protect any Muslim and fight together with all Muslims as one. Sheikh Ayman Adhawahiri has published a document which visualizes this particular matter. A document under the name of (Wathiqa Nusratu al-islam).

And by the grace of Allah, we fight along all Muslims in Yemen, together with different Islamic groups. We fought with the salafs without exception. We fought with the Muslim Brotherhood and also our brothers from the sons of tribes. We fought together with the public in Aden and elsewhere. We participate with the Muslims in every battle.

Yes, indeed Muslims differ from one another in the matters of sharia, and certain juristic choices but these contradictions are viewed under the lens of sharia. Fairness and equality among every Muslim and to aid and give advice to each other are among Islamic rights upon every Muslim to his fellow Muslim. Among the rights, is to give victory and assistance to one another. And when the enemy confronts, all Muslims unite to repel the oppressor and fight him. The Salafi scholars fought along with the people who differ with them in the matters of names and attributes of Allah. They said Jihad is with all, pious and immoral.

Al-Malahem: Some say that you participate with the Muslims in battle and repulsing the enemy but do you engage the people in administration and control during conquest and liberation of a region?


We do not claim nor allure the people that they will rule others and nor are we after leadership. Our main goal is to be governed by the Islamic Sharia. And our every effort and endeavor is to impose what Allah ordered us to. We ask assistance from Allah and may He grant us success. We are obliged to this duty and we seek to accomplish such duty.

But will we succeed under our control or among others? Surely this is not upon us but in the Power of Allah. If He wills for the honor to accompany us, His absolute bounty will bestow upon us. And if He wills else, we are bestowed with the honor of loyalty and truth in striving to rule the sharia in this earth. And here, we pinpoint two matters;

First: We do not promise people participation in ruling, rather we give them hope that the rule we seek after is the rule each Muslim fights for. Religion be all for Allah. (They are those who, if We establish them in the land, establish regular prayer and give regular charity, enjoin the right and forbid wrong: with Allah rests the end (and decision) of (all) affairs). With this we should raise awareness to the ummah and its groups in obligating such matter. (Establishing the Sharia of Allah in His land)

Second: During conquest, it is upon the mujahideen to not seize and occupy matters concerning people without consulting them. Allah the Almighty says, (And consult them in the matter) And He says also, (Who (conduct) their affairs by mutual consultation). The term ‘affairs (amruhum)’ is not restricted to the mujahideen alone but to all concerned. The reign and rule is mostly based upon the strong and faithful. And we give priority to the people of influential. On top of them are the people of authority from among the scholars, commanders and one with a field of specialization. And the ummah is not banned from the bounties because of exclusive power and possession of some parts upon the rights of all, even if they are the reason of such conquest after the the favor of Allah upon them. All rights are reserved and conserved.

Perhaps some time later we will display to our brothers some of our experiences in (Hadhramout). The positive and the negative. We wronged in some matters and believe to have accomplished in some. Perhaps the experience will find one who will able to counsel and improve our ways. May Allah help us with such knowledge.

Al-Malahem: Last but not least, what is your message towards your Muslim brothers and mujahideen around the globe?

Truly, the message is abundant and time is short. We say to all Muslims all over the world: We are your mujahideen sons and we will not put down our weapons until we restore the rights of Muslims and Islam rules us. We will liberate all Muslim countries, by the will of Allah. This is a pledge and obligation that we stand by, either we achieve or perish without. Allah is our Supporter and Protector.

As for the mujahideen elsewhere, we sent to them our greetings and best regards. Our brothers in Khorasan in the Islamic state under the leadership of Sheikh Al-Mawlawi Hiibatu Allah Akhandzaada, and our brothers in Chechnya, Turkistan, Sham, Islamic Maghreb, beloved Somalia, Palestine and elsewhere. We congratulate them on their efforts and may Allah accept


their deeds. We give you glad tidings that the mujahideen in the Arabian Peninsula are in blessing and no calamity passes them except they grow firm and stronger. And by the will of Allah, no enemy of Allah will pass through us.

Al-Malahem: We thank you and may Allah reward you, our generous sheikh for such an opportunity. Perhaps we will conduct another interview under different circumstances regarding broader matters. This interview was compiled to the recent matters concerning Yemen.

You are welcome and may Allah reward you.

We express our gratitude to you generous followers. May the peace and Blessings of Allah be bestowed upon you.


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